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Large Healthy Trees along drive maintained by My Arborist

The tree and shrub experts at My Arborist will enhance property health and appearance with customized treatment programs. It starts by having one of our ISA Certified Arborists perform a free onsite property evaluation. The Arborist and client walk the property together to identify and discuss plant health stressors. These stressors include insects, diseases and environmental site conditions such as water drainage, soil quality, nutrient availability and many other stressors. The Arborist and client will develop a customized plant health care program based on professional recommendations and client preferences. The goal is to attack the originating causes of disease rather than just treating unsightly symptoms. We use the least amount of pesticides to get the job done right! Our experienced Arborists will use pet and family friendly products while protecting butterflies, bees and other desirable insects.

What’s Included in a Custom Treatment Program

Deep Root Fertilization (Up to 4 applications)

+ Improve Soil structure by adding organic essential elements
+ Better Blooms
+ Boost Tree’s natural immunity
+ Healthier and longer living trees

Disease Control (2-3 Applications per year)

+ Preserve your valuable landscape with our preventative services
+ ISA Certified Arborist identify warning signs and develop treatment plan
+ Fungal, as well as bacterial and viral, infections are among the greatest threats to your tree health

Insect Control (Up to 4 applications)

+ Prevent unsightly damage from insect infestation
+ ISA Certified Arborist identify pests and develop treatment plan

Growth Regulators: (1 Application per year)

+ Slow tree and shrubs growth when they finally achieve the structure and look you desire
+ Reduce tree pruning costs

Dormant Oil: (Up to 2 visits per year)

+ Control overwintering insects and eggs
+ Non-toxic oils are safe to use around pets and family

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