Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Large Healthy Trees along drive maintained by My Arborist

Deer Damage

Deer damage can be severe, resulting in heavy loss of plants and trees. Your hard labored garden can be decimated in no time from hungry deer. Deer damage can be identified in many ways. They feed and graze on trees, vegetables, flowers, typically stripping new growth often destroying and killing the plant. New bark, saplings, leaves, shrubs and trees are especially susceptible in winter months when other food sources may be scarce. Protecting vegetation during the winter months is especially important to maintain healthy plants. Male buck deer damage trees by rubbing their antlers on tree trunks and low hanging branches. Deer leave a smooth cut on one edge and a jagged cut on the other if they bite with their incisors or a frayed end if they use their cheek teeth. An adult deer typically requires approximately 5 – 7 pounds of food each day!

Large Healthy Trees along drive maintained by My Arborist

Rabbit Damage

Rabbits are mammals that live in groups known as a ‘colony’ or a ‘nest’. They build their home in underground burrows, or rabbit holes. Rabbits are one of the most common pest homeowners and property managers’ face. Rabbit gestation period is only 30 days, and usually have litters of between 4 and 12 offspring. Rabbits feed by grazing on grass, flowers and leafy plants. Rabbits are mainly nocturnal, grazing late in the afternoon into the evening. Rabbits graze close to their burrows, producing short ‘lawns’ along field edges. Rabbits and hares leave a smooth, sloping cut when feeding on twigs.

Deer and Rabbit Repellent should be applied every 2 months for best results

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