Tree & Shrub Growth Regulators

Tree, Shrub, and other plant growth regulators available through My Arborist
  • Slow tree and shrubs growth when they finally achieve the structure and look you desire
  • Reduce tree pruning costs

Arborists and landscapers usually are concerned with trying to keep trees and shrubs up and growing. But often, situations arise when trees grow beyond where they’re desired, whether it is encroaching into power lines or blocking a desired view.

Growth regulators can be applied to help in various situations. Reducing branch elongation creates tighter, thicker branching, making plants stronger and more capable to withstand ice storms and wind shearing. Due to slowed growth, your wallet will enjoy fewer trimming and maintenance appointments.

A tree growth regulator extends a tree’s life by as much as 30 to 50 percent. Growth regulators work well for trees that reached the desired stage of development and reduces pruning expenses by 30%.

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