Deep Root Fertilization

Our Goal Is To Create A Soil Profile That Is Conducive To The Improvement Of The Root Structure, Thereby Allowing The Tree To Increase Its Own Health Vigor Naturally.
+ Improve Soil Structure
+ Have Better Blooms
+ Boost Tree’s Natural Immunity
+ Healthier and Longer Living Trees

Trees require certain essential elements to function and grow. Landscape trees and urban trees may be growing in modified soils or environments that do not contain a sufficient amount of available essential elements required for satisfactory growth and development. Deep root fertilization is a process that involves a high quality nutrient solution being injected into the root zone of a tree. This method of fertilization helps to aerate the soil, provide proper levels of oxygen and nutrients, and encourage root growth and make trees more resistant to disease and insect infestation. Over time, periodic soil injections improve the overall health of the root zone and its surrounding land.

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